The Heart of the Family Business

One of my favorite places to go is a Taiwanese cafe in London. The have the best meals and tea in the world. They can put some of these other restaurants to shame. It is owned by my girlfriend Tzuyu and her family. It has been in business for almost a whole decade. People love to enjoy the service of the Taiwanese family. Some of the best moments of my life happened at the cafe. A couple of weeks ago, Tzuyu’s parents needed help with the cafe. The needed cafe accountants to help them. I suggested to them some friends that I knew from my college days to help.

The cafe and its future is very important to me. I met Tzuyu for the first time in the same cafe. She waited on my table. I thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world. I knew I had to make her my girlfriend. I began to frequently go to the cafe just to see her. We started to become friends and we eventually began to date. I want the cafe to succeed so badly.

The accountants talked with Tzuyu’s father to help with the cafe. The suggested that they do an audit to figure out the best course of action to help. The accountants made a detailed list of all the finances and accounts of the cafe. Tzuyu’s father realized that he could save money. He decided to order ingredients from another supplier that had quality goods. He could not believe how much money he would save.

Tzuyu’s father also needed help with planning for the future. He decided that he wanted the cafe to be in safe hands if something were to happen tp him. The cafe accounts helped him to get the best plan for his family. Tzuyu’s father was so overjoyed with the new changes.