Can’t Take the Heat? AC Replacement in NYC

Is your house not cooling off like it used to? This could be several factors. It could mean you need simple air conditioner maintenance, or this could mean you will need an AC replacement in NYC.

Summers can be brutal in the NYC area. You may think you can sweat it out until the weather starts cooling off, but that may not be the best option in reality. Fixing your AC unit will allow you to cool down, have peace of mind, and avoid you having a heat stroke. You should think about many things when you are trying to decide if you should replace your system or if your system needs a simple repair.

Today we will go over the top three things you should know.

1. Have a Contractor Come Out Before you can decide if you need a replacement or a repair, you should have the pros come out to check. Most of the time, systems do not need to be replaced; they need to be repaired. This repair can be something simple to something a bit more complicated.

2. Does Your Unit Come On A significant factor between repair and replacement does your system turn on. If your system turns on, chances are you do not need a complete replacement. If your system fails to turn on, you are typically looking at an AC replacement in NYC.

3. How Old is Your Unit Typically, systems will last you 5-10 years, depending on the type/brand you choose. If it’s been that time and you’ve been dealing with issue after issue with your unit, you may start opting for the replacement over the repair. At this point, you would know if you need a repair because your AC contractor would tell you that this will be coming sooner rather than later.

What’s Next? Now that you know the top three things, you can make an educated decision on whether it is time for a repair or a replacement of your AC unit.