Increase Simplicity Through App Use

There’s nothing that causes a panic like learning that a website is going to be shut down permanently. People will move quickly to save anything that they have on the website and move it to another location. This happened with the bitcoin website that I was using. They sent out a message that they would be closing, and that everyone had a couple of months to move their bitcoin to their wallets. I did, and then downloaded the Bitcoin Trader app to handle my bitcoin trading.

I was sad to see the website go because I had a lot of fond memories with it. I made my first bitcoin purchase there, and my first sale there. Although the website had its share of problems, it still has a place in my heart, and I will never forget it. However, the app that I’ve been using as a replacement for the website is much better in every way imaginable. The app makes it so that I can just perform trades with my thumb, and I can even set it up to automatically trade. When I look at the graph that shoes how much bitcoin prices have risen or lowered in a certain time frame, it runs so smoothly. On the old website, the graph would take forever to load, and it would be loaded with lag.

One of the best things about having the app over the website is that I can trade anywhere. On the website, whenever I tried to use it on my phone, it would take even longer to load than it did on my computer, and the graph wouldn’t load at all. Making trades was a more difficult experience due to the lack of speed. I’ll always have my memories, but the memories with the trading app are better as well.