Don’t Forget Your Labour Bag Essentials!

Being pregnant means keeping track of a lot of new information. It is east to become overwhelmed and overlook important details. And when the special day arrives, even the most careful planning can be held hostage to events as they unfold.

You will want to be sure that you bring everything you need to the hospital with you on the day. There are labour bag essentials no expectant mother should be without.

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What are labour bag essentials? During labour, you will want to have a dressing gown, socks, slippers, a cup with a straw, lip balm and comfortable slippers.

After the birth, disposable knickers, a nursing bra and maternity pads are essential. You should have a toiletries bag which is stocked with a hairbrush, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer and hair ties. And do not forget a towel, flip-flops and comfortable clothing!

There are items your new baby will need, too, like sleepsuits, outfits and vests. There are socks, scratch mittens, bibs, nappies, wipes and cotton wool. You will need a child seat for the car, and a complete going home outfit for the appropriate season.

For the birth partner, you will need snacks, drinks, comfy shoes, a phone charger and a complete set of toiletries in a handy bag.Finding and stocking up on these and the other essentials can take a great deal of time and trouble.

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