Aluminium Extrusion in History

Aluminium has become the favoured metal particularly in the automotive and construction industries and aluminium extrusion is now one of the most popular techniques. It is a fast, convenient method of forcing pliable aluminium through a die which can produce multiple components from a single procedure increasing a company’s productivity and efficiency at a cost effective price. Many people consider the extrusion process to be a relatively new manufacturing practice but it actually has a long history.

Eighteenth Century Beginnings

Working with aluminium dates back to the 1760s although it wasn’t correctly classified as a metallic compound until 1820. Innovative designers have always been actively seeking solutions to problems and the first extrusion process was developed in the 1790s by Joseph Bramah to alleviate the hard labour involved in making water pipes from clay. Aluminium was yet to be extruded but Henri Deville launched his method of an industrial use …